Is My Fish Going Blind?

Can a fish go blind?

THE cause of blindness in freshwater fish is frequently sought by owners of fishing waters and fish farmers.

Usually the blind fish are old fish and have lost the gift of sight in one eye or both due to some growth behind the eyeball or some accident to the front of the eye..

Why is my fish blind?

If your fish appears blind without any previous trauma or infection to it it’s likely caused by excessive lighting or poor nutrition. Dimming the lighting and improving the diet can in these cases help prevent more fish from going blind but will not help the fish that has already gone blind.

How do I fix cloudy eye in fish?

The cloudy eye could be an injury from netting the fish. You should treat the injury as a bacterial infection. Your local store should have a medication available. If you have a UV clarifier, leave the ultraviolet light on to help prevent the spread of the disease.

How do I get my blind fish to eat?

Use the tweezer to grip some food and submerge it to try and get the fish to eat it. Since the goldfish blind, it won’t really be scared of the tongs closing in, but it’ll be able to sense it through its lateral line, so do it slowly, not abruptly. Move in close enough for the fish to smell the food, and it should.

Why do fish eyes turn white when they die?

Physical Appearance of a Dead Goldfish If your fish’s eyes are gray or sunken in, he is deceased and most likely has been for several hours. Look at the color of your goldfish’s skin. If it has turned white, he is starting to decompose. Some types of fish may eat other fish.

How do you know a fish is about to die?

Look at the eye as a whole. If they’re sunken, your fish is dead or near death. Look for cloudy pupils, which is also a sign of death in most aquarium fish. If your fish is a pufferfish, walleye, rabbit fish, or scorpionfish, occasional eye cloudiness might actually be normal.